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Customer Testimonials

"Recently I witnessed a miraculous event; seeing Tonia  relate to young adults of the Air Force Base in Azores Portugal, she gave them hope. She presented options to the ''mundane'' life that many of them had. She displayed that the direction many of them were headed in, is simply just the one their parents, their job, or society gave them. She showed them how easily they can be misled by falling into a pre-designed routine. She conducted an outstanding group coaching that deserves much praise. She saved some young lives today, mine included!"

Roneisha Rogers,

child of a former incarcerated parent, Charleston, SC


Ms. Carsons Coaching program, presented to  CPMP as a pilot was nothing less than remarkable! Women were taught how to build strong relationships with their children and others, but she really took the time to teach us how to re-build our lives. She not only inspired but transformed our minds so we may realize our full potential as well."

                                                                                                                                                                            Sabrina Brown, 

                                                                              former incarcerated parent, Prototypes Womens Facility, Pomona, CA


"The friends and family impacted by her growth from personal experiences will forever inspire change. I was so happy to hear her repeat the quote “ISN'T IT GREAT”. Those powerful words were always spoken against all odds and adversity while she grew. Her spirit, love, and coaching kept our family and friendships together; before, during, and after her incarceration. Her coaching continues to this day, and moves our family and many others to think about continuously being active for change and positivity. We love and thank Tonia  wholeheartedly for using her passion to pour out positive information into our lives, inspiring us to APPLY what we know so that we can produce  a transformation in our own life and the lives of all we touch. 
                                                               Regina Williams,
Sister, and Former Caretaker of Incarcerated mom. Atlanta, GA